Maria and Guje.
03.12.2017 11:21pm

Annie 4-Ever in our Hearts!

We will never give up trying to get the Truth so that the one, or those who killed Annie will get their punishment!

The Scottish Police and authorities involved are still hiding the Truth about what happened. It is very strange that they refuse to act upon the fact that only two frustrules from a fresh water diatom was found, although Annie was found on a shore where the sea have a high salt halt! Those two frustrules Navicula Lanceolata which is a fresh water diatom that we all probably have in our system from drinking our very first glass of tap water only indicate that Annie´s body was placed there on the shore when she already was dead. Today 12 years after Annie was found dead, Dec 4th 2005, we still dont know if Annie lost her life today the 3rd or tomorrow the 4th!

We want the Truth, we need the Truth!

We are still searching for the witnesses that we know still have very important information to share with us. So please if you read this and you know things, and have done important observations Please tell us your story. Every little details can and will bring us closer to the Truth about what happened to our Annie.

Annie you will always live in our Hearts and in our Memories ❤ Miss you so much ❤ Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there... I do not sleep.
I am the thousand winds that blow...
I am the diamond glints on snow...
I am the sunlight on ripened grain...
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you waken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of gentle birds in circling flight...
I am the soft star that shines at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry— I am not there... I did not die...

se Guje Börjesson
07.02.2017 07:26pm

Our beloved Annie´s birthday today,
loved and missed forver.

Min starka mamma

Min mamma är så stark, det säger faktiskt alla.

Men i ensamhet om natten har jag sett hennes tårar falla.

Under sömnlösa nätter kommer jag tassande på tå.

Hon vet inte att jag är där för att hjälpa henne förstå.

Lika ändlöst som strandens vågor och hennes smärta...

Jag vakar över min starka mamma som alltid bär mig i sitt hjärta.

Hon bär ett leende, ett leende som hon tror döljer.

Men genom Himlens dörr ser jag tårarna som följer

Min mamma försöker hantera döden för att hålla mig kvar.

Men alla som känner henne vet att det är den enda möjlighet hon har.

När jag vakar över min starka mamma...

genom Himlens öppna dörr

försöker jag förklara att änglar skyddar mig nu så som hon gjorde förr.

Men jag vet att det inte hjälper eller lättar bördorna hon bär.

Har du möjlighet, gör ett besök... och visa att du håller henne kär.

Vad hon än säger... hur hon än mår.

Min starka mamma har ett hjärta fullt av sår.

Okänd författare.

04.12.2016 11:55pm

Annie 4-Ever in my Heart!

Memories are like leaves of gold
They never tarnish or grow old
Locked in our hearts
You will always be
Loved and remembered

For all eternity It is 11 years today that you were found dead on the shore in Prestwick by a man who was out walking his dog. Although the sea water contains high salt halt, and you only had fresh water diatoms inside the Police still refuse to properly investigate your sudden death in strange circumstances.

Despite the fact that your movements and time scale do not add up at the CCTV pictures from Prestwick Airport, something that not only we have documented but also many other loving and kind concerned people have done trying to help with bringing up the shutdown case into the public eye again, the Scottish Police persistently turn their eyes towards the sky pretending that they do not care!

And the fact that the Scottish Police told the Swedish authorities a lie, when they stated that they suddenly knew how you arrived to the shore in Prestwick, is still not challenged by any member of either the Scottish or the Swedish side! The last person who saw you at Linton Court Apartments was never heard by the Police, if they had, then they would find out that the time scale of the way you supposed to have travelled would not add up!

The marks and bruising’s on your body some which never was mentioned in the early Post Mortem Report (some occur up to 8-10 days after death) have never been explained or properly investigated, neither the internal bleeding inside your head with a matching bruising on your face! The two squares with rough pattern on your arm, as from the heel of a winter shoe, were not investigated. No sand was found in your mouth, nose, ears, or eyes............ and nobody reacted!

The locals in Prestwick told us that sometimes the water level do not reach the spot where you were found, not even when the tide is high. This we had to find out ourselves! The streetlamp lights were broken in that specific spot where we believe someone placed you, and the many personal items that were missing have never been found.

And someone had hacked off your thick long blond beautiful hair in pieces! The roughly hacked hair that was still there felt tampered with by something very strong that had destroyed the remaining pieces of hair!............ This what I have mentioned here are only some of the many strange things that we have found and today 11 years after you were found, we still have to live with all these unanswered questions!!!!

The fight for the Truth and Justice will never end!!!

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am the thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumnal rain.
When you awake in the morning hush, I am the soft uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there, I did not die.

Mary Frye (attributed) 1932

gb Friend
21.10.2015 10:57pm

25 October 2005 - 10 years ago this coming Sunday ...

Ten years ago this week Annie would have been preparing for her journey to Edinburgh, Scotland, on 25 October 2005. As we all now know, she was never to return to her homeland and tragically was found dead on Prestwick foreshore, West Coast of Scotland, on the morning of Sunday 4 December 2005.

I am deeply saddened for Guje, her family, Maria and all those who knew and loved Annie, especially that some 10 years on Annie's case has not been properly resolved and the apparent indifferent and intransigent Scottish authorities still refuse to consider the possibility of there being foul play (as Annie's loved ones maintain) and to grant a Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) into this very sad an tragic case.

I will light a few candles for Annie, Guje, her family and friends on Sunday evening.

"For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: ' [What] might have been!'" ?

Thinking of you as ever ...

bs For annie
06.06.2015 12:04pm

You are the great rock star!!!

04.12.2014 02:28am

Annie Kristina Börjesson
1975-02-07 -- 2005-12-04

My memories bring us closer,
we are never far apart.
For you are always in our thoughts,
and forever in our hearts.

Like the beauty of the rainbow,
you will glow up in the sky.
And we all shall always miss you,
until the day when we all die.

We will never give up searching for the Truth,
Miss you so very much Annie!

Annie Börjesson Event on Facebook;
https://www.facebook.com/event… ?source=1

gb Friend
03.12.2014 08:38pm

"Those we love don't go away
They walk beside us every day
Unseen, unheard, but always near
Still loved, still missed and very dear".

Annie Kristina Börjesson
07-02-1975 -- 04-12-2005

9 Years On ...

R.I.P Annie

gb Linnet
22.09.2014 10:57pm

I just want to say how moving Annie's story is and that she was very beautiful and looked like a really fun person. I am so sorry that she's gone and that you're forced to fight for information about what happened. I hope you find the answers very soon.

gb Julie Clark
06.09.2014 09:07pm

I have been aware of this tragic story through various media channels over the years and more recently Psychic Private Eyes. My heart goes out to Annie's family and friends. I am speechless and appalled. This stinks of a cover up. I pray for closure for you all and may Annie rest of peace x

17.06.2014 04:53pm

This is the article made by Eddie Harbinson for the Ayr Advertiser with the interview with Guje;

10.06.2014 10:35am

Body on the beach mystery continues

This is the latest article about Annie, published last week in Ayradvertiser. Eddie Harbinson have also done an interview with Guje that will be the background to the next article that will be published in todays Ayradvertiser


gb Rest In Peace, Annie ...
09.06.2014 07:29pm

THE HERALD article, Thursday 29 May 2014:

"Anger as police fail to reopen case of body found on beach" ...

http://www.heraldscotland.com/… .24348512


Rest In Peace, Annie ...

And peace to her mother, family and friend.

07.06.2014 07:47pm

You are now able to read a short case study about Annie that will be on-line at the Scottish Review.This is the link to the on-line Dossier put together by Kenneth Roy, at Scottish Review. Mr Kenneth Roy and his colleagues are supporting Annie's shut down case and have helped us to raise the awareness about our beloved Annie´s sudden and unexplained death in suspicious circumstances.


The Police have now said that "there is nothing in the publication /the Dossier/ which contradicts the information which was provided to the COPF (Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service) during the INITIAL Investigation!!

We are shocked but not surprised to find out that the Police KNEW ( from the start but kept it as a secret from us as they have with a lot of other information and evidence;

- ONLY fresh water diatoms found - Annie was found on the shore where the sea water have a high salt halt and there should have been several diatoms found, and from various salt water spices. The Police knew however did nothing, no tests, no additional tests either of Annie or from the sea water, nor did they check the tide to see IF the water level ever did reached the spot where Annie was found! The locals living in Prestwick have informed us that some times the water level do not reach the spot where Annie was found, not even when the tide is high!

- The time on the CCTV pictures and Annie's movements do not add up, they are wrong - Now we must ask ourselves however also the day and date is wrong? And how can the Police accept that time, movements and perhaps also day and date is wrong, and still present this as evidence? It is also strange that a country that have so many CCTV cameras situated almost every where you turn and have a look, and still they were unable to find Annie on any other CCTV cameras situated along the way from Linton Court - Glasgow, the walk between the two train stations in Glasgow - the trainstation at the Airport, the walking distance between the airport in Prestwick and the trainstatiion in Prestwick town where the Police state that it is Annie on the very blurry pictures with very very poor quality! Why is Annie not found or seen on all the other CCTV camera movies? Can we assume that she was driven to the Airport? And that could be the reason however the Police also refused to investigate that?

- The witness statement was used as a very vague assumption and used as a misleading statement to the Swedish government however the Crown Office and Police will not accept responsibility, however they KNEW that it was impossible to identify the person on the shore with the beige jacket reaching half-thigh and with the dark dog running from the shore and to a direction somewhere at the Esplanade! Annie had dark clothes on! Still the Police stated that they knew how Annie came down to the shore (last day in life 3rd Dec 2005) and they REFUSED to investigate what actually happened to her during the 16 hours she was missing, from last seen alive until being found dead the morning after! Many things can happen during 16 hours!!!!!

- The Police also know that so many people, not just Guje, Annie's mother and I, have been down at the shore where Annie was found, preforming different tests! Documenting very important observations, and still they refuse to act!

During these past 8,5 years while we have made our own investigative research we have still not been able to find many of the room mates, , members of the staff at Linton Court Apartments, former colleagues from the Scottish Whiskey Heritage Centre today renamed to The Whisky Experience, neither many of those who Annie spoke about while she was living in Edinburgh. We of course hope and pray that some of them hopefully will read this and contact us. / warm greetings Maria

07.06.2014 07:17pm

Read Scottish Review Editor Kenneth Roy´s Strong article about the Police refusing to re-open Annies case!


bg Sony SAD
07.06.2014 08:00am

So sorry for your loss!
I saw the story on RedIce radio just few days ago.
You are all so brave to carry on living the way you do.
Keep searching for the truth!
I send you all me heart! <3

ie Gavin O'Reilly
29.04.2014 02:58pm

So sorry for your terrible loss, but so impressed and moved by your fight and campaign.

Stay strong and keep fighting, keep chipping away and hopefully this awful corrupt wall of secrecy will collapse.

God bless,

gb Dean
13.04.2014 12:36pm

My thoughts are with you.
Stay strong and keep on fighting.

us Shane
02.04.2014 07:46am

Heard about your situation on Red Ice Radio. I can't believe Scottish authorities won't give a grieving mother whatever information she wants. I'm Scottish by heritage and I am appalled.

us David
31.03.2014 02:49am

I wish you and yours all the best in these trying times. I really hope you find the truth behind this tragic case. The Red Ice Radio episode is what brought me here and it was very moving.

All the best from David in the states.

24.03.2014 05:41pm


us Deborah
24.03.2014 06:00am

I was very moved by your sad story on Red Ice Radio. I pray that interview leads you to find the help, justice and closure that you deserve. God Bless your entire family. .

gb David Munro
20.03.2014 12:43pm

We have only learned of this dreadful death through the Red Ice Radio program. My Wife and I would like to convey our deepest sympathies to Annie's Family...and express our absolute shame and disgust at the behaviour of the Scottish authorities in denying Guje the truth about Annie's killing. As a Scot I am deeply ashamed of this behaviour, and we will pray for both Annie, her Family and that the truth is made known to all...for all our sakes. God Bless you all in your quest.

07.02.2014 03:39pm

<3 Annie Kristina Börjesson <3
1975-02-07 -- 2005-12-04

If memories bring us closer,
we are never far apart.
For you are always in our thoughts,
and forever in our hearts.

Like the beauty of the rainbow,
you will glow up in the sky.
And we all shall always miss you,
until the day when we all die.

We will never give up fighting for you Annie!



se Martin
19.12.2013 09:34pm

Saknar dig Annie Tänker på dig varje dag

se Annie´s mother
23.11.2013 04:47pm


Dec 4 2005 Swedish Annie Borjesson 30, was found dead on the shore in Prestwick, Scotland. Although eight years have passed the family is no closer to the truth about what happened to Annie. Even though Annie was found at Prestwick bay where there are just salt seawater Annie had nothing else but fresh water in her bone marrow. Annie also had injuries to her body and her waist-long hair had been hacked off. This and other strange circumstances surrounding her death raise questions that are still unanswered.

July 10 2007 Scottish Colin Marr 23, was killed by a single stab wound into his chest in Fife, Scotland, where he lived. Present was his girlfriend, who said Colin stabbed himself before he pulled the knife from his chest and died. Although the girlfriend was there she was never questioned as a possible suspect. Instead the Police claimed Colin had killed himself with a self-inflicted stab wound through sternum, which autopists claims would have been impossible. Colin’s family still need answers about Colin’s death.

Please sign the petition; PE01501: Public inquiries into self-inflicted and accidental deaths following suspicious death investigations and please share this information with everyone you know! People from all over the world are welcome to sign before closing date 12 December 2013. Please use the link below. Thank you for your support!


gb From Sweden to Scotland – 25 October 2005 …
24.10.2013 03:57pm

From Sweden to Scotland – 25 October 2005 …

We still remember Annie’s last trip to Scotland on 25 October 2005 and the continuing grief endured by her mother, Guje, and her family and close friends, some 8 years on since Annie's passing on Prestwick Shore, the west coast of Scotland, on Sunday 4 December 2005 ...


We hope that Guje will achieve all her aims and objectives and she will finally get all the answers she still seeks into Annie’s untimely death.

May Guje, her family and close friends very soon find the peace and closure they still seek and Annie finally get to Rest In Peace.

Keep well.

All best wishes,

Kram. x

gi Me
15.10.2013 09:59am

Everything the best from me ;-)

gb Friend
24.09.2013 01:31pm

Good article :

"Cock-up or conspiracy? The strange death of Annie Börjesson" ...


Good luck with it all.


16.09.2013 02:27pm

Dear All Feel free to read this article in Scottish Review about Annie We have fought to get Transparency Truth and Justice during these soon to be 8 years since her sudden and premature mysterious death / Maria *

SR investigation Cock-up or conspiracy? The strange death of Annie Börjesson
by Kenneth Roy

gb Stuart Graham
14.08.2013 03:58pm


se Rosie
05.03.2013 10:12pm

Du fattas mig lilla gumman <3
Det är så mycket som du missar.
Är så otroligt många saker som jag vill dela med dig.
Önskar så att du fick träffa Lucas <3 Han är världens finaste barnbarn och du skulle älska honom så mycket. Tänker på dig ofta. Tittar på gamla bilder och minns oss. Alla skratt och tåras som vi delat. Första fyllan... hujeda mig :-)

Världen är en sämre plats utan dig fiinaste du <3
puss och kram

se *Angel*
07.02.2013 04:03pm

Our Angel @)--)--------

Although You can´t be with us,
We´re truly not apart.
Until the final breath we take
You´ll be living in our Heart...

My heart is full of memories,
With pride we speak your name.
Though life goes on without you
It will never be the same.
It´s Annie's birthday today @)--)--------

The fight to get the Truth about her death in suspicious circumstances continues......Her memory demands no less.

Annie 4-ever in our heart/


se *AngeL*
01.01.2013 02:30am

*Happy New Year 2013*

Let us all hope that this new year will grace us with the Truth, there are so many people who knew Annie when she was staying at LInton Court Apartments in Edinburgh, Scotland. We have not yet been able to reach out to find you all, even if we have tried over and over again, to be able to finally speak with you and to find out the important information you all have.

The only thing we wish for, is to get in contact with all of you who met and knew Annie during her years in Edinburgh, and to get your story, Even information which you all might think is not that important, it could very well be very very important when put together to a bigger picture. We need to know what you know, what Annie told you, what advices you gave her, where you met her, etc, if we only could get that information from you all during this year to come, then we would truly be grateful.

After all these past devastating years of constant hard work and dedication we have now come to the point that we strongly believe that we have a strong evidence which proves that Annie did not drown at Prestwick beach, and during this new year we will continue to fight so that the Truth will come out and Annie´s case will be reopen so that her murderer wil be caught and put in jail.
/ *AngeL*

My Angel up in Heaven
(written by Dave Hedges)

My angel up in heaven, I wanted you to know
I feel you watching over me, everywhere I go.
I wish you were with me, but that can never be,
Memories of you in my heart, that only I can see.

My angel up in heaven, I hope you understand,
That I would give anything, if I could hold your hand,
I´s hold you oh so tightly, and never let you go,
And all the love inside of me, to you I would show.
My angel up in heaven, for now we are apart, You´ll always live inside me, deep within my heart. We miss you soo much!

se *AngeL*
04.12.2012 07:13pm

"Why did you have to leave us?
Why did you have to die?
Were we not meant to keep you?
Why do we have to cry?
We want to scream, we want to shout,
We sometimes want to die,
We need to know the answer,
Why did you have to fly?"

You´re life was taken, by a dangerous persons hand,
left in the cold and dark, placed on the wet sand.

Found on the shore where the sea is salt, however
the diatom test shows only "fresh water diatoms"
and no salt water diatoms was found!

Always in our hearts and in our thoughts,
today it is 7 years since you were found,
We will never give up the search for the Truth so that Justice will be seen and done. I have lit a candle especially for you! The truth is out there! Love and Light/ M

se Guje
04.12.2012 01:45am

Seven years tonight

She touched the hearts of so many
like only an Angel can do
I would have held her every minute
if the end I only knew


se Josefine
22.11.2012 07:26pm

En skam att Annies fall inte tas på allvar av polisen!
Har fått veta att proverna som togs vid obduktionen i Sverige visar att Annie hade sötvatten i sina organ, trots att hon påstås ha drunknat i saltvatten. Detta visar ju att Annie inte dog där hon hittades utan placerades där! Av vem och varför? Vad gör den skottska polisen och den SVENSKA? Vad gör Utrikesdepartementet? Annie var svensk medborgare! Skam åt alla inblandade myndigheter! Guje och familjen är mina hjältar som kämpar med att få fram sanningen om Annies död. Bästa hälsningar från Josefine.

iq Lala
23.10.2012 05:39pm

I ne6ste uge fe5r vi besf8g af et dansk tvhold fra DR2, og DR var ogse5 med Sf8ren Hermansen i Japan se5 det kan ve6re at den inddnlaneske interesse er ve6kket. Under alle omste6ndigheder er der rigtigt mange Samsinger og andre der ff8lger f8en og energiprojektet te6t og den mund til mund spredning af historien er ogse5 helt uvurderlig.

se Katarina Wennerlund
23.10.2012 10:50am

Pratade med en vän om människor man alltid kommer att minnas, du är en av dem!

se mariesavolainen
30.07.2012 10:11pm

sitter och läser om det mycket tragiska som hänt er och undrar om det blivit någon rätsida nu år 2012?något sådant här får bara inte hända ...att man inte får den hjälp som behöver för att hitta en mördare ...detta berör mig så mycket att jag mår illa och vill spy på myndig heter,pollitiker.jag hoppa att det någon gång blir uträtt och den skyldige får brinna i helvetet. kram till er ifrån mari i motala

us St. Louis movers
24.04.2012 12:04pm

Pleasant time on your site. Good to see number of visitors floating to the site. Please keep me updated from time to time.

kh Carol
20.02.2012 10:36pm

Good luck Annie!

se Mother
07.02.2012 06:41pm

37 years today,
we miss you and keep you
forever in our hearts.


gb Neil
26.01.2012 05:37pm

very sorry for your loss. i live just a few miles away in irvine. i do not wish to come across in a raw manner however in cases such as this, involving what appears to be a police and government coverup, there may be a link to the military or defence. prestwick airport has been known in the past to have had some questionable activity, and there has been numerous cases around the uk.

when ever there is a coverup you can be sure of a number of things. those responsible for the crime have links with the police or government (i.e. military)

i do not want you to get your hopes up in the fact that i can help but if there is any new information that has not been shared online or has came out recently it might help.

God bless
Neil xx

se Guje
01.01.2012 12:38am

Our angel flew
to heaven so free
But she left her smile
on earth


se Maria
04.12.2011 03:06am

* Miss you soo much Annie *

Today, the night between the 3:rd and 4:th December we are still unable to properly grieve since we still do not know the time for Annies death. We only know that she was missing for 16 hours from when she was last seen alive, until the morning after when she was found.

We also know that the diatom found inside Annie was a fresh water diatom, and not the kind you will find at the sea water at Prestwick since the salt halt is high.

This, added to all the other strange circumstances sorrounding our beloved Annies mysterious and sudden death should be MORE than ENOUGH to reopen Annies case and have a new fresh investigation.

We all need to get the truth about what happened to Annie.

Feel free to light a candle for Annie today 4th Dec. 2011

We miss her so much!

MARIA and GUJE with families,
Annies friends in Sweden,
Annies friends in Scotland, and friends from all over the world.

pl Karol
28.11.2011 11:26am

All the best Annie!

se Martin
24.11.2011 11:20pm

Tänker på dig Annie

gb Happy Birthday Guje!
19.08.2011 11:11pm

I wish you a very Happy Birthday, Guje, and hope that you will someday find the answers and peace of mind you truly deserve.

As the summer months draw to an end and the leaves start to fall and the autumn and winter months begin, we are of course reminded of Annie’s very last trip to Scotland on 25 October 2005 (now 6 years ago) and of course her very tragic and untimely death at the age of just 30 on Sunday 4 December 2005. She was found drowned at 08:30 that winter’s morning on Prestwick shore on the west coast of Scotland, just about here:


It must be terrible living with all the uncertainty and unanswered questions of a loved one’s death, not least as they died on foreign shores. None of us can say for certain how Annie died, but I do know that there should have been a Fatal Accident Inquiry in early 2006 and the Scottish Crown Office, the Scottish Government and many other Scottish MSPs, MPs and public bodies have largely failed the Borgesson family … failed to ease their uncertainty and answer all the questions they rightly seek. These are actions and inactions that bring shame on the public bodies and individuals concerned over the past 6 years … and shame upon Scotland as a result.

I sincerely hope that you will someday soon find all the answers you still seek and the peace of mind you truly, truly deserve.

Make the most of your special day.

Kram. x

se *Angel*
27.06.2011 02:05am

We have started a new event on Facebook, for Annie. The Annie Börjesson Event - "Searching for witnesses" We hope to be able to reach out to people all over the world. This because Annie met people from all over the world when living at Linton Court Apartments. There are still people out there who has very important information and we hope that this event will lead us in the right direction. Thank you every one who is supporting Annie's family and friends in their never ending pursuit to find the truth about their beloved Annie's unsolved death, it means so much to us all and gives us strength to go on when we feel totally drained. Please join the event if you have Facebook and please invite all your friends and ask them to do the same. Together we can hopefully reach out to find those who have the information we truly need to receive.

Annie 4-Ever in our hearts!

gb Marie
07.05.2011 04:00pm


gb Annie
16.04.2011 12:08am

This is a very sad case but I am puzzled as to why Annie's family would align themselves with the Lockerbie bombers and luke mitchell? They must really hate Scotland, as both these cases are well known and neither have any sympathy with the Scottish people, so now in death Annie is linked to these cases, in a very negative way.

Do not put Annie there with them - big mistake. And that makes me sad as I am Scottish and I am sure most of the people of Scotland would have backed Annies' family all the way without these links.

Hurt and sadness is not easy and for this poor girl to be mutilated in death by so-called 'professionals' with zero excuse as if nothing had happened (I'm sorry but the excuse of seaweed/silt in her hair?? is just Not Good Enough - funeral directors & cops - you DO NOT EVER violate the deceased and hair does matter, it is part of who we are - and the wishes of the family should always be first and you should ask them first)

The funeral industry seems to me to be an empire of its own and it breeds on the suffering & distress of those who trust, in their worst hour of need. And these people think they can do anything they want.

People beware. Annie's family are distressed by their daughter being mutilated in death by so-called professionals and by a police investigation which seems to have gone nowhere.

I really hope you (Annie's family) find the answer some day but please lose the links to lockerbie/mitchell - Annie deserved much better than that IMO

gb How to trash a Petition in 3 short minutes ...
23.02.2011 04:26pm

How to trash a Petition in 3 short minutes ...

Public Petitions Committee - Tuesday 22 February 2011 (14:00) ...

http://www.holyrood.tv/popup.a… //vr-sp-archive.lbwa.verio.net/archive/220211_petitions.wmv

"Launch in external player" - and listen from 36:10 to 39:05.

Many thanks to Bill Butler MSP and Nigel Don MSP (Kenny MacAskill's buddy and side kick) for trashing this Petition in 3 short minutes.

What a very heartless, crooked, corrupt, rotten, incestuous and Scottish Crown Office / Lawyer-loving (non-sovereign) little (NON)country Scotland truly is!

gb Guje's Petition "closed" - what a surprise!
22.02.2011 04:17pm

Guje's Petition PE1332 was "closed" by the Scottish Parliament's Petitions Committee earlier today.

It was heard from 14:43 (2.43pm) and only for 3 short minutes - 44.33 to 47.27 on their clock.

This comes as absolutely no surprise to me and is pretty much what Scotland has come to expect of its parliamentarians over the past 12 years since the Scottish Parliament was founded in May 1999 - and over the past 4 years under a very corrupt Scottish National Party "Government". As this scribe rightly put it ...

"Kenny MacAskill, Alex Salmond and the SNP OUT" ...




As the song goes ...

"What do you do when democracy fails you?" ...


My very best wishes to Guje, her family and friends as ever.

Get / keep well.

Kram. x

gb Guje's Petition PE1332 to be heard on Tues 22 Feb
11.02.2011 11:01pm

Guje's Petition PE1332 to next be heard at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh on Tuesday 22 February 2011 (after 2pm / 14:00hrs) ...






I will keep my fingers crossed for you as always.

Get / keep well.

Kram. x

es John Lamberton
08.02.2011 12:50am

Memories are like leaves of gold
They never tarnish or grow old
Locked in our hearts
You will always be
Loved and remembered
For all eternity

gb R.I.P Annie Borjesson - 07-02-1975 to 04-12-2005
06.02.2011 02:52pm

R.I.P Annie Borjesson - 7 February 1975 (Sweden) to Sunday 4 December 2005 (Prestwick shore, west coast of Scotland), 30 years young ...

Had she lived, Annie would have been 36 years young tomorrow, Monday 7 February 2011. Taken from her parents, Guje and Karoly, brother and sisters, best friend and others under very mysterious circumstances on the night of Saturday 3 December or morning of Sunday 4 December 2005 at Prestwick shore, west coast of Scotland ( http://maps.google.com/maps?f=… ).

Let’s hope Guje and family can finally get a resolution to this ongoing and unresolved case this year and find peace of mind as well.

Rest In Peace Annie Borjesson.

You will be in my thoughts tomorrow.

Get / keep well Guje.

Kram. x

se Guje
25.12.2010 12:02am

Another Christmas Eve.

We love and miss our Annie tonight as every other night and day. We hope and pray for the answers about Annie´s death for her soul to be able to rest in peace.

Thank you ALL of you for reading and leaving comments in this guestbbook, your concern is a comfort to our family and Annie´s friends.

Guje, Annie´s mother.

gb Sara
14.12.2010 01:29am

To all Annie's family: You are doing such an amazing job of trying to bring your daughter's case to justice. Not many people would have your strength. It beggars belief that it's been allowed to come to this; it flies in the face of common sense. Maybe though, there is a purpose to this sorry saga: all your grafting might finally change parts of the Scottish Criminal Justice System, something that would benefit hundreds and thousands of people in future generations. Never give up. Never give up. Your time will come, Annie will get the justice she deserves. All of us who follow this case will make sure she's never forgotten. Annie - R.I.P.

gb R.I.P Annie Borjesson - 07-02-1975 to 04-12-2005
09.12.2010 06:29am

R.I.P Annie Borjesson - 7 February 1975 (Sweden) to Sunday 4 December 2005 (Scotland), 30 years young ...

I thought of you all on Saturday past - 4 December 2010. I have been too ill to even be on line over the past fortnight and was unable to post something last Saturday, but better late than never.

You are always in my thoughts nonetheless - as is dear Annie too.


gb Ann
04.12.2010 05:05pm

We just happened to be walking our dogs on Prestwick shore and came upon your daughter's shine on the path. I noted your website address and came online to find out what it was all about. I was so sad to read about the mysterious circumstances of your beautiful daughter's death. I was also amazed to see that today is the anniversary of Annie's death....what a strange coincidence. that we should have chosen today of all days to walk our dogs on Prestwick beach.
I cannot begin to imagine what it must feel like to bear such heartbreak....my heart goes out to you.
I hope and pray that you find some answers soon and you can at least have some sort of justice for Annie.


se Rosie
04.12.2010 12:14pm

I dag är den dagen som mitt hjärta fylls med så otroligt mycke xtra sorg. Det är 5 år sedan som du togs i från oss, dina nära och kära <3 du fattas oss varje hundradels sekund.... älskar dig gumman <3 vi ses i nangiala

gb Eileen Watson
26.11.2010 04:29pm

I have lived abroad for over 5 years and have only just returned to Prestwick. I took a long walk along Prestwick beach this morning and came accross Annie's seat. I am so saddened to read this story and, having a daughter in university in Scotland, this is why we returned here, I can only imagine the pain you must be going through and elt compelled to leave this note. My heart goes out to all of Annie's family and I pray you find out what happened to your lovely daughter. May she rest in peace.

gb Public Petitions Committee Minutes of Proceedings
26.11.2010 02:23pm

Public Petitions Committee Minutes of Proceedings, Tuesday 23 November 2010 ...

PE1332 Petition by Guje Borgesson:

The Committee agreed to write to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service seeking a response to specific points.






gb Petition - Investigations of suspicious deaths ...
21.11.2010 04:14pm

18th Meeting, 2010 (Session 3)
Tuesday 23 November 2010

The Committee will meet at 2.00 pm in Committee Room 2.
1. Consideration of current petitions: The Committee will consider the following current petitions—

PE1332 Investigation of deaths in suspicious circumstances [from Guje Borgesson]





Good luck with it all.


se Rosie
20.11.2010 02:05pm

Saknaden är så otroligt stor.. Du finns i mtt hjärta och tanke jämt <3 Kärlek <3

gb From Sweden to Scotland – 25 October 2005 …
25.10.2010 12:08am

From Sweden to Scotland – 25 October 2005 …

Today we remember Annie’s last trip to Scotland on 25 October 2005 and the continuing grief endured by her mother, Guje, and her family and close friends, some 5 years since her passing on Prestwick Shore, the west coast of Scotland, on Sunday 4 December 2005.

We hope that Guje’s Petition will achieve all her aims and objectives and she will finally get all the answers she still seeks into Annie’s untimely death.

May Guje, her family and close friends find the peace and closure they seek and Annie finally get to Rest In Peace.

All best wishes,

Stor Kram. x

gb Mark
10.10.2010 11:24am

Very well done again to Tom Minogue for his excellent presentation of Guje's Petition at the Scottish Parliament last Tuesday 5 October 2010. Let's hope it achieves the desired result for Guje, her family, Annie's close friends and all who have an interest in this very sad, distressing and tragic case ...


"From personal tragedy comes a glimmer of hope, as a bereaved Swedish mother takes her campaign to the Scottish Parliament to help others" ...


gb Mark
06.10.2010 11:35am

Dear Guje

Tom Minogue's presentation of your Petition starts at 52 minutes 30 seconds into the stream and lasts till I hour 8 minutes and 50 seconds - 52:30 to 1:08:50. I think he did a very good job on your behalf and I hope you achieve all your aims and objectives in due course.

Hope you are keeping as well as can be.

With every best wish as always,

Mark. x

Public Petitions Committee - Tuesday 5 October 2010


us Mary Musick
17.09.2010 08:23pm

I just came across Annie's story and as I sit here listening to her music I am praying that you have found out what happened to your angel.
May God be with you and your family for peace I will pray for
you and the family.

Sean McBride
09.08.2010 08:46pm

So sad I can do nothing for this tradgedy. I came across the pictures of Anni and the url by a bench on the side of the golf course at the shore today 09/08/10.

Though I've only lived in Prestwick for a year, I walk on the beach every day and pray. I will remember Annie, her family and her friends in my prayers that she may rest in peace and that her full stroy may one day be told.

se Guje
25.06.2010 11:58pm

Today June 26 is the 3rd anniversary of Annie´s delayed funeral.

Our thoughts are with our beloved Annie this Midsummer Night, and forever.

Guje, Annie´s mother.

us Iris Cicero
13.06.2010 02:59am

I am also a m,other, and am so sorry to read about your loss. Though I can not help you, as I have never been to Scotland, I do want to tell you, that no mother should suffer the loss of her child.
Thank you for sharing your story, and I hope you find who did this to her.

se Article by Iain Grant John'O'Groat Journal
04.06.2010 08:38pm

An excellent Press Article regarding the petition have today been released in;

John'O'Groat Journal, and was writtened by Iain Grant. HOLYROOD PETITION URGES DEATH PROBE SHAKE-UP!

A Holyrood e-petition is calling on the Crown Office’s new specialist deaths
unit to be given the power to probe past unexplained, suspicious cases,including that of Wick man Kevin McLeod. Nearly 3000 have so far supported the initiative taken by Swedish woman Guje Borgesson.

Ms Borgesson is deeply critical of the police investigation into the sudden death of her daughter Annie in December 2005. She does not believe the circumstances of the death were properly investigated after police quickly came to the view that her 30-year-old daughter had taken her own life.

Ms Borgesson insists much has since come to light which challenge this theory and which points towards foul play. She is petitioning the Scottish Government
after learning of other families who have had similar experiences, including the McLeods. She said: “I was dissatisfied with my treatment by the Scottish
authorities which left me with no confidence that the real cause of my daughter’s death had been established.

“Since my daughter’s premature and suspicious death, I have got to know about many other families in similar circumstances and realised the huge need of improvements in the handling of unsolved deaths.”She believes a major shake-up is needed to spare other families from suffering in the future.

Ms Borgesson added: “This improvement would also benefit the people’s trust in society ensuring the families that society stand on their side trying to get to the bottom of what happened to their loved ones.”She believes this can be done by an overhaul of the way fatal accident inquiries operate.

She is also calling on the new specialist crime unit to investigate unresolved past cases ‘where the bereaved can reasonably demonstrate that the circumstances of the death were suspicious and that there is a robust and
open mechanism, involving the families, for an independent review of such suspicious deaths.’

As well as her daughter’s case, she is also championing that of 24-year-old Kevin McLeod whose body was recovered from the bottom of Wick Harbour in February 1997. His family is convinced he was brutally beaten up shortly before he ended up in the water.

Ms Borgesson also highlights the unsolved death of 84 year-old Annie Davies who was found battered and bloodied in her Erskine home in 1998.

By yesterday, her e-petition, which is live until Thursday, had attracted 2973 signatures. The final list will be submitted, along with her written appeal, to the Scottish Government’s petitions committee later this month. Allan McLeod, Kevin McLeod’s uncle, yesterday welcomed the initiative.He said: “The three cases highlighted in the e-petition all come into the category of suspicious, unexplained, unsolved. “We’re hoping that the Scottish Government will look at this and recommend that the new special crimes unit being set up to investigate all three.” Mr McLeod said he has signed the petition, as have other members of his family and their friends.

se *** 3000 SIGNATURES ***
02.06.2010 01:14am






gb Suzanne
01.06.2010 11:50am

I saw the picture on the bench on Prestwick beach, whilst out a walk at the weekend. It was so sad to see and I hope that one day you'll find justice is served.
My thoughts are with your family.

se Guest
31.05.2010 01:23pm

WORLD WIDE COUNTDOWN 4 DAYS LEFT - 2952 SIGNATURES - 54 DIFFERENT COUNTRES - 54 BEAUTIFUL FLAGS. "We would like to dedicate this lyrics in the text below, to all those who have lost a loved one in a sudden and unexlained death in suspicious circumstances"
//warm greetings// Maria

The lyrics from the song "Gone Too Soon"
written by Larry Grossman, Alan Koan

"Gone Too Soon"

Like a comet Blazing '
cross the evening sky
Gone too soon

Like a rainbow
Fading in the twinkling of an eye
Gone too soon

Shiny and sparkly
And splendidly bright
Here one day
Gone one night Like the loss of sunlight On a cloudy afternoon Gone too soon Like a castle Built upon a sandy beach Gone too soon Like a perfect flower That is just beyond your reach Gone too soon Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight Here one day Gone one night Like a sunset Dying with the rising of the moon Gone too soon Gone too soon © FIDDLEBACK MUSIC PUBG CO INC; WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP; *Michael Jackson preforming Gone too soon on you tube; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…

se Tobias Andersson
30.05.2010 01:36am


se Gustaf Isaksson
30.05.2010 12:33am


se Britt
29.05.2010 01:15pm


us Reinhold Schouweiler
27.05.2010 12:48am

I am personally - as a dual citizen with Germany and the USA - so sad that such a tragedy had to have happened to such a beautiful girl. When I see her, I think about how wonderful it is, that I still have my daughter alive. I taught her how to defend herself as well as other pertinent actions, which need to be taken when danger presents itself to such a young, beautiful woman. Fortunately, she has used these means of defense more than a few times in the past.

I send you my heart-felt sympathy, for in this instance, I can empathize with you.

se Guest
26.05.2010 04:18pm

* World wide countdown *

9 Days Left - 2855 Signatures - 54 different countries -
54 beautiful flags

se Guest
25.05.2010 12:24am

10 DAYS LEFT - 2784 Signatures- 54 Different countries - 54 Beautiful flags which we will carry with us to the petition committee meeting to honour all the loved ones all over our world who have died in suspicious circumstances.

Families should have the right to have their loved ones cases reopened again by special death units since forensic science with the improved techniques could today bring the Truth out in the open.

Warm greetings to you all

se Guest
18.05.2010 10:42pm


se Guest
16.05.2010 10:33am

19 Days left - 2499 signatures-52 different countries-52 beautiful flaggs


se Guest
14.05.2010 11:55am

21 Days left - 2407 signatures - 50 differetn countries - 50 beautiful flaggs.

Our aim is to reach 3.000 signatures before closing date 4 June 2010, please support the bereaved who have lost their loved ones, every signature counts and give hope.


nl John Purcell
02.05.2010 03:50pm

I am shocked to hear that something like this can happen. If the police are scarcely even investigating likely murders these days, what exactly are they doing with their time? At the very least, all information known to the police must be released to Annie's family. Otherwise the whole world should hear about how the police in Scotland treat foreign visitors.

se *AngeL*
30.04.2010 12:10am

Dear All

We have now “Together reached the amazing number of 2.000 signatures”.

Thank you every one who have signed, and please continue with adding comments at the Petition, each and every one of you have so much knowledge and experience both from your own and others cases and your voices are so very important. I strongly believe that there are more to add for the Petitions Committee to consider.

If any one of you know a person who works within the field of Truth and Justice, like a forensic, fingerprint expert, DNA expert, or an expert in the field of looking at the traces from plants, insects etc which could have been found on the loved ones and included in the documentation regarding their death in suspicious circumstances, please either ask them yourselves to show their support with writing a statement to the Petition committee or please share their contact details with me, and I will contact them on the behalf of the Petition, and all the bereaved who need to get the truth.

Every signature brings hope to the bereaved which have been fighting for years to have their loved ones deaths in suspicious circumstances reopened and investigated but in vain.
Now these 2.000 signatures all together also visualize the world wide support and that loving and caring people all over the world think it is a human right to also have the past cases investigated, with regards to the worldwide advances in DNA techniques and other breakthroughs that mean that “cold cases” are now being solved.

Together we all call on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure that the new special deaths unit is able to investigate not only current cases but also “past cases” (meaning cases before Jan 2010) where the bereaved reasonable can demonstrate that the circumstances of their love ones death were suspicious. The bereaved need to get the same right as the bereaved of cases which have happened after Jan 2010, since we all live in a democracy where there should be a robust and open mechanism, involving all the families, so that their loved ones deaths in suspicious circumstances will get an independent review of such deaths.


au kevin richardson
12.04.2010 09:59am

I wish you all the luck in the world,when I saw Annies photo
tears welled in my eyes, I have two beutiful daughters myself, and like you I would not rest until the questions were answered. someone out there knows EXACTLY what happened, may they be bought to justice,and never rest in peace. may your God be with you!

gb andy lamb
21.03.2010 01:20am

Such a sad story, I really feel for you. I hope you can somehow get the answers you need. Rest in Peace Annie.
I hope the good folk in Scotland can help your familys pain
& get the justice you deserve
sleep tight annie x

se tomas finland
20.03.2010 08:32pm

one day beatuful we will get the answer. still in my mind

se *AngeL*
16.03.2010 11:15pm

The numbers of signatures on our petition
Investigation of death in suspicious
circumstances, have today reached;
" Incredible 1013 signatures "

Let us hope that we now Together, can reach
the amazing number of 2.000 signatures *

Warm greetings to you all and please forward
the link to the Petition to your family, friends and
contacts, every single signature counts, and gives
hope to all the devastated families where a loved one
have died a sudden and unexplained death in suspicious

"Annies 4-ever in our Hearts"

Maria & Guje

gb Sally
16.03.2010 08:36pm

Such a sad story, I really feel for you. I hope you can somehow get the answers you need. Rest in Peace Annie.

se *AngeL*
12.03.2010 01:33am

Today Truth&Justice4All´s Petition has 772 signatures :-)

We are trying to get 1000 signatures before the closing date 24 March 2010.

Thank you all for signing the Petition, feel free to ask others to do the same.

se Maria
08.03.2010 09:18pm

Hej Hans!

Jag har precis skickat ett email till dig med länken.
Tusen tack för ditt stöd.


se Hans Thörn
08.03.2010 10:21am

Jag beklagar det som inträffat och kan bara delta i er frustration över att inget händer. För dåligt.
Vill gärna skriva på er petition men länken dit går inte att komma fram på.
Hans Thörn

se Maria Jansson & Guje Borgesson
05.03.2010 02:48am

we are happy to announce that the Petition now have over 500 signatures!
This is incredible, and it's down to all of you loving and caring people that by signing also have reached out a helping hand to others in need. Bless you and others with you, for doing that.

If you haven't yet signed up, we would urge you please to do so. If you have, then we would urge you to contact all those you know: family, friends, local groups you may be involved in, and ask them to do the same. And once they've signed, perhaps they also know people who can help... every single signature helps.

The petition can be found at;

http://epetitio ns.scottish.par lia.../view_pet ition.asp?Petit ionID=373

Please feel free to join the online discussion and share your knowledge and experience with others. We strongly believe that your comments are a huge asset for the petition committee` to consider when they are going to discuss the content of the petition after the closing date.

Thank you once again for taking the time to do this. Together we are strong and can make a change to the better for all people.

With warmest regards,

the founders of truth&Justice4All;

se Guest
04.03.2010 12:22am

Gujes insändare om Annie i svensk nättidningen Fria Nyheter


se 2005/2006
03.03.2010 06:05pm


se *AngeL*
23.02.2010 11:11pm

Today Truth&Justice4All´s Petition has 325 signatures :-)

Thank you all for signing the Petition, feel free to ask others to do the same.

se *AngeL*
22.02.2010 05:07pm

Dear All, I am happy to announce that the petition today have 305 signatures!